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Pumpkin Patch October 25, 2010

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Apparently my commitment to this blog (and indirectly, my sister) has been reduced to once a month.  I am thinking about a resolution to post once a week, but at this junction, such a conquest seems exhausting.  So, for now, I suppose I will do what I can do and hope that the future holds so much excitement that I would be forced to submerse myself in a world filled with wonderful pictures and lots of blog posts.  Until then….it’s once a month.

This weekend, in an effort to busy myself with something other than obsessing over the purchasing of what hopefully will soon be our new house and the endless amounts of work I should be doing for school, we decided to head out to the pumpkin patch in Bixby.  Those of you who know me best, probably can imagine my excitement when I found out that our children could not only pet the farm animals, but they could also feed them. From their bare hands. (Insert fake smile here).  While I love nature, I think feeding farm animals from my hands ranks shortly behind going to the fair (which, in my opinion, is the grossest place on the planet).  But, what can you do?  They had a blast, even though a storm rolled in shortly after we got there.  Here they are grossing me out feeding the animals.


Every once in a while I get a set of pictures that I really love, and this one is one of those sets of pictures.  I feel like they really capture Madison and her very intentional personality.  She carefully considers all her options, intentionally distances herself from distractions (primarily her siblings), and finally finds that perfect pumpkin.
























Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of the kids with their 60 lbs of whole pumpkin, nor did I take a picture of us gutting and carving those 60 lbs. of pumpkin.  I did, however, manage to take a picture of our finished product.  Hopefully the next front porch picture I take will be a of a new home.  More on that to come (hopefully in less than a month).


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