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Lillie will be three…someday May 22, 2010

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Ever since Hannah’s birthday in April we have been telling Lillie that she is the next one in our family to have a birthday.  So….everyday since then has been her birthday; in her mind anyway.  To make matters worse they celebrated summer birthdays the last week of school, perpetuating Lillie’s notion that her birthday is an ongoing celebration lasting April 21 (Hannah’s birthday) through June 21 (Lillie’s actual birthday).  But, it is really stinkin’ cute, so I had to post a picture of her in the birthday hat that her teachers gave her.  She slept in it the night that she got it. =)

And if you’re curious, that is her birthday treat for school.  I’m not a fan of icing, so I decided to make this Rice Krispie Treat cake.  It is store bought Rice Krispie’s stood up on their ends, taped together and formed into two “cake layers”.  I then wrapped the layers in pink tulle to add some color.  It is super easy and super cute (and lacked icing).

And just for good measure, here is our birthday celebration that we had in for Hannah (a.k.a. the beginning of Lillie’s birthday celebration season) even though she wasn’t home to celebrate with us.

Hannah’s cake (as you can see, Lillie does NOT share my disdain for icing):