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T-ball and Easter April 10, 2010

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What can I say?  I have totally stunk at keeping up with my blog.  I have taken tons of pictures, but just haven’t been motivated to get them on here for various reasons.  My biggest distraction lately has been school.  This week was a crazy week, but marked the conclusion of a big part of my first semester in Nursing School.  I still have have three weeks left, but they should be relatively easy to survive.  YEAH!!

Easter was a little unusual for us.  We had planned to get up and do Easter Brunch and let the kids hunt eggs in their jammies before going to church at 1; but, unfortunately, Madison got sick Saturday night, so that put a damper on my photo opportunities on Sunday.  Luckily, she felt well enough to hunt eggs though, even if it was in her p.j.s.

This picture probably doesn’t look like anything to you, but it really made me laugh.  The kids spend a lot of their time at my parents house “racing” in the backyard.  So when we told Lillie to get ready to go hunt eggs, she had a hard time understanding getting ready for anything besides just racing.  (She is “on her mark”).  We had several false starts (Lillie leaving the line without her basket) before she finally caught on to what she was supposed to do.

And here are just a few in our Easter outfits.  I don’t have any great pictures, because I new that I likely will make them do pictures again when Madison can participate.

And…I don’t have much to say about T-ball besides here are a couple of pictures.  It is pretty entertaining – Eli is just happy to have an opportunity to play in the dirt.