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Peace March 15, 2010

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Last week the kids had “Peace Day” at school, so they got to up in their best hippie attire.  So, of course, we HAD to tie dye t-shirts, and we HAD to give Lillie an afro (although I’m not sure that anyone noticed that it was different from any other day).

Me: “Hey Lillie, show me how old you are and say Peace.”



Tiger Sharks March 4, 2010

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Tonight was Madison’s swim team’s season banquet, and it was lots of fun.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful coach who not only loves to coach, but also loves to invest personally and spiritually into the lives of her little swimmers.  Tonight we celebrated the team’s first place finish in the all-city meet, which is a huge honor!!  Each player was awarded with ribbons and a special magnetic photo board.  Madison placed 4th out of about 60 girls, ages 7-8, in both the freestyle and butterfly….we, of course, are very proud!!

Madison also received very special recognition by her coach.  The league that our team is involved in limits who can swim within the league by age and skill. So, once  a swimmer reaches a certain skill level, they must move into another league.  At the beginning of the banquet tonight Coach Shelley said that she had four special awards to give out.  Two of those awards were given to swimmers who were no longer allowed to continue with the league, and two were new swimmers that were taking the place of the swimmers who were moving on.  Madison was one of those swimmers!!  Shelley chose her out of all the new swimmers because she has “far exceeded everyone’s expectations and has turned into an incredible competitor.”  She was so nervous to be called out in front of everyone, but it is so nice to know that Madison has found her niche.  Here she is while coach was bragging on her.