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Happy Birthday #4 {Eli} January 4, 2010

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What?  Is this sweet little (well, he wasn’t ever really little) boy four years old?  Yes, it’s true; hard to believe nontheless.  Eli is the sweetest little boy.  Even though he is four he still loves to cuddle, still gets his feelings hurt when he gets in trouble, still is totally caught up in watching everything that his older sister does and still loves bubby the elephant.  He is definitely the clown of our family; his first reaction to anything is to try to make you laugh (and it is hard, sometimes impossible, not to).  My favorite thing about Eli, though, is the fact that he takes joy in watching others be joyful.  A while back we told the kids that they wouldn’t get chocolate cake for dessert if they didn’t finish their dinner.  Madison is the only one this truly motivates, so I’m not sure why we even tried it on the other two, but we did.  And, of course, Eli and Lillie ran away from the dinner table, plates full, while Madison swallowed every last bite.  So when the chocolate cake (which Madison had already articulated was her FAVORITE treat) made its way to the table, Eli came running.  I was truly preparing for a major meltdown teamed with a lesson about eating your dinner, but when I told Eli that he couldn’t eat cake because he didn’t eat any dinner, he said something that blew me away.  He said, “I know, I just want to watch Madison eat her cake, it’s her favorite.”  I was shocked when he sat there smiling the whole time as Madison enjoyed every bite of her cake and he got nothing.  Again and again I have seen Eli delight in the joy of others and it makes my heart so thankful for such a sweet spirited little boy.  My sweet little Eli, I love you…Happy Birthday!!


Getting Ready for Christmas January 2, 2010

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Every Christmas there are a few things we do to put us in the Christmas spirit.  One of those, of course, was picking out our tree; but what good is a Christmas tree without new ornaments to put on it?  Every year Granny gives the kids a new ornament.  The fun thing is, they usually are a wonderful expression of each of the children; this year was no exception.  Can you tell who’s who?

For those of you that live here in the Tulsa area, there is one stop that is completely unavoidable this time of year – Rhema.  This year, since the weather was so warm right before Christmas (and the blizzard that came with it), we decided to make an afternoon out of Rhema and be there when the lights came on in the evening.  (Truth be told, I was hoping the lights would come on before sundown so I could get some good pictures, but that didn’t happen…oh well).  Here are a few of our adventures…Feeding the ducks and squirrels (really, more the the squirrels…the ducks rarely eat when we go to Rhema.  There is always, without fail, some other form of wildlife, though, that is willing to step in for them.  Last time it was the fish, this time the squirrels.  Whatever.)

“Mom, the ducks won’t eat…they just swim away!”

“Here duckies…My name is Lillie and I’m really cute.  Nobody says no to me, didn’t you know that?”

Then, finally, some lights…

And, of course, new jammies on Christmas Eve. 

Last, but not least…a little Christmas blizzard.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t get any snow playing pictures.  Lillie was in the bath while the kids and Dan played.  I opted for staying in, and staying warm.)


Happy Birthday #7 {Madison}

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Sorry about the break in posts, we experienced some technical difficulties here in the Beam home; but we are now back up and running.  A week before Christmas we had the pleasure of celebrating Madison’s 7th birthday with five of her good friends.  We made homemade pizza, decorated cupcakes and giggled…A LOT!  It was tons of fun for everyone.

It is hard to believe that I actually have a child that is seven already!!  She is a beautiful, smart little girl and we are so lucky to have her!  Happy Birthday Madison!!