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No one will out swim me today!! January 27, 2010

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This sign was hanging inside the pool area at East Central and I fell in love with it for lots of reasons.  First, (and most obvious) I think these are great words of encouragement for the little swimmers.  This sign sits at the end of the pool where they can see it as they swim towards their goal.  Madison did an awesome job this week.  She placed third in the freestyle (and got a ribbon)…she was so proud.  (So was I!) 


This is her coach.  It is hard to get a picture of her face because she literally paces the pool as they swim and cheers for them the whole way.  She is an awesome lady who never stops encouraging her swimmers!

And the team…

The second reason that I really loved that sign was because I feel like it could be the  theme for my life at this moment.  I am preparing to enter week 4 of the Nursing Level 1 and will be facing my first exam (which has an extremely high fail rate – more than 50%), my first actual clinical experience, and still trying to be a half way decent mom and wife.  There are many days that I feel very defeated in regards to my time and what I have to accomplish, Monday (the day of Madison’s swim meet), was one of those days!!  So seeing that sign was a great encouragment to me; I may need to print it and hang on my bathroom mirror. 


One Response to “No one will out swim me today!!”

  1. Bill and Jo Nell Says:

    Swim hard, darlins, swim hard. We are proud of both of you! Mom and Dad (Granny & Grumpy)

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