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Let it snow… January 29, 2010

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Per my mother’s request, I broke from my cozy fireside location and went out with the kids to take some pictures in the snow.  While I didn’t particularly enjoy getting cold and very wet, I am glad to have a few pictures.  The kids enjoyed it, so I guess that’s all that really matters. =)

I love this picture of Madison!!

It has become very hard to get a good picture of Eli smiling, usually he looks really goofy, but this is a good real life smile from him!

Lillie was really funny!  She kept saying, “I wike it, I wike it”, but I really think that she was trying to convince herself.  It took her a while to decide to actually get off the porch and into the snow, and she only lasted a few minutes, but I think she did like it.  She looked like a little snow princess once her hair was filled with snow.  I tried to take a picture, but it was hard to capture the full effect.


Per my mother’s request, here is a close up of Lillie…


No one will out swim me today!! January 27, 2010

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This sign was hanging inside the pool area at East Central and I fell in love with it for lots of reasons.  First, (and most obvious) I think these are great words of encouragement for the little swimmers.  This sign sits at the end of the pool where they can see it as they swim towards their goal.  Madison did an awesome job this week.  She placed third in the freestyle (and got a ribbon)…she was so proud.  (So was I!) 


This is her coach.  It is hard to get a picture of her face because she literally paces the pool as they swim and cheers for them the whole way.  She is an awesome lady who never stops encouraging her swimmers!

And the team…

The second reason that I really loved that sign was because I feel like it could be the  theme for my life at this moment.  I am preparing to enter week 4 of the Nursing Level 1 and will be facing my first exam (which has an extremely high fail rate – more than 50%), my first actual clinical experience, and still trying to be a half way decent mom and wife.  There are many days that I feel very defeated in regards to my time and what I have to accomplish, Monday (the day of Madison’s swim meet), was one of those days!!  So seeing that sign was a great encouragment to me; I may need to print it and hang on my bathroom mirror. 


Here Comes the Sun… January 18, 2010

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Finally…some sunshine.  The kids have been waiting since Christmas to play on the toy that Santa “accidentally” delivered to Granny and Grumpy’s house, but the weather has been far to cold and yucky to climb on the new equipment.  So, when the sun came out this morning, we knew exactly what we wanted to do…and it was just as fun as we thought it would be.

Well, most of us thought it was fun..


Rain, rain, go away… January 16, 2010

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This morning I was really disappointed to look outside and see more gloom and water; I was really hoping to take the kids outside for a while while Dan was at work.  Oh well, guess we will have to stay in our jammies and be a little more creative…thank goodness for shaving cream!!



Photo sessions January 13, 2010

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Well, this week I started Nursing School, so my posts maybe be slighty sporadic, but stick with me.  Last week, though, I was lucky enough to get to share some special moments with a couple of my friends.  The first of these pictures is my best friend’s new little nephew, Carter.  This was the first opportunity I have had to photography someone else’s newborn and it was so much fun!!

Then, I was able to take pictures of my friend Minon who is pregnant with her second baby. She has a sweet little girl and this time (actually today) will be adding a little boy to the mix.  Congratulations Minon and thank you for allowing me to share this moment with you!


Smores Between Friends January 9, 2010

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While I don’t hate the cold like some of my friends, I do have to admit the cancelling of school this week was a little annoying.  One great thing about the cold weather, though, is the great excuse to burn a nice fire.  And when you have a nice fire, there has to be smores to go with it.  Luckily, we got to share our smores this weekend with Addie, who claims that she has never had one before.  We were more than happy to introduce her to our favorite fireside treat!!


Two and a half {a comparison} January 5, 2010

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Usually people comment on how much Madison and Lillie look alike, which they do.  But the other day my mom made a comment about how much Eli and Lillie look alike, which I don’t really hear much.  So I decided to pull out some old photos and do a little comparison of them all at 2 1/2 (Madison’s pic is a little bit older).