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This is what it is all about {Toys 4 Tots} December 24, 2009

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Every year my church  not only raises enough funds to give 6,000 children toys for Christmas, it also has enough volunteers to distribute those toys and put on a show for every family.  It is one of the most challenging days of the year, but also the most rewarding.  I love that my own children look forward to picking our Toys 4 Tots and am thankful for a church that actively looks for ways to impact the community.

The day itself consists of at four groups of people that come through.  Each group starts at registration (really it is check in as they have already been registered over the phone sometime in the weeks leading up to T4T).  Here they are divided in groups which will later determine where they shop.  They then have to wait, while being entertained by the amazing John Hickman (youth pastor), in the hallway to be let into the sanctary for the show.

They then get to experience one of our family shows where there is singing, dancing and our pastor goes over the true meaning of Christmas; they then are given the opportunity to respond to the message. They also give three lucky children a free bike to kick off Christmas!!

After the show the children are taken to a seperate area for more fun and games while the adults are taken to shop for their toys.  This is an elaborate process that requires a lot of workers and great organization.

My favorite part of the day, though, is getting watch as people take their first steps in a new life.  Young and old alike stir these waters on this very special day.

Of all the people you see throughout the day,

 there is always that one that makes the whole day worth it.  For me it was this little boy.  He was leaving at the same time as me, and had the biggest grin on his face.  As I got closer to him I realized that he was one of the kids that had won a bike during the family show….it was obvious that it truly made his day.  I stopped and talked to him (and took a quick picture) and listened to how excited he was to get a bike even though he had done nothing to earn it.  It was a great reminder of why we do what we do.




Tree Hunt December 23, 2009

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Last year we started what I hope will be a family tradition for years to come….picking out our Christmas tree from a local tree farm.  It is lots of fun for everyone and one of few opportunities to get a family picture (the kids that work the farm are always so willing to volunteer to take pictures….I love it!!)

Part of why this is so fun, is that all of us can do what we love.  Madison hunts for the perfect tree…

Eli loves the hayride and the opportunity to play with anything he can find…

And Lillie, well, she just looks cute and tries to find every opportunity to let everyone know it…

Fun day for everyone!!




Thanksgiving December 22, 2009

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I love Thanksgiving.  No stress over gifts or business, just time to relax and enjoy family.  Luckily, I have the most wonderful family ever!!  We all got together at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, ate dinner and then sat around the fire pit (my Dad claims that my mom’s family is a bunch of pyros…I personally feel that Fire Marshal Bill is exaggerating).

Everyone knows that my kids love their Granny and Grumpy (can’t blame them, they are pretty great); but getting a picture of the three of them is getting increasingly difficult.  Madison always does what she is supposed to, but Eli is ALWAYS looking at what he would rather be doing and lately Lillie has decided that not smiling (and consequently making her Mommy crazy) is much more fun that the traditional smile for the camera.  The funny thing is she begs for me to take her picture, just so she can not smile…stinker.  I love the picture anyway.


This is a much better way to catch Lillie smiling…she LOVES her “Gumpy”.


I also love, love, love my Aunt Barb, Uncle Rick and cousins Jarred and Dakota.  They are lots of fun.  We are lucky to live so close.  Madison lately has been very quick to remind me lately during discussions about our family that these four are part of our immediate family.  I love that my kids get to grow up enjoying the same personalities that I did as a kid.



Eli and Lillie’s Christmas Performance December 20, 2009

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This post is long overdue, but I have been trying to find some time to get the new blog up and going before posting any new pictures.  Now that school is out for Christmas break, I am hoping to do some catching up!!  This has been a busy month, so check back frequently!!

Here are a few pictures from Eli and Lillie’s Christmas Performance at Lord’s Little Army Preschool.  Lillie had us all laughing because she kept sticking her belly out while she sang.  Eli, one of MANY boys in his class, had managed to make a mess of his hair before coming on stage…oh well, it’s his style I guess.