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Misc. Post January 27, 2009

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This is kind of a random post, but I have some catching up to do. This first one is just a cute sister picture that I really liked. Lillie loves to pose for the camera and say “cheese”. She isn’t feeling well today. Poor baby.
Madison broke her arm last week after falling off the monkey bars at church. She has to wear this very cool purple cast for four weeks. Other than not getting to lounge in the bath tub or participate in P.E., she barely skips a beat. Her friend Delaney at school said that she wasn’t going to wear tennis shoes on PE day so that she could sit in the bleachers with Madison and keep her from getting bored or lonely. I thought that was really sweet.
Eli has been sick this week too. Last night after his bath he decided to cuddle up behind the cushion on the couch and I found him like this a few minutes later. Poor guy passed out face first.
Towards the end of Christmas break we got a little desperate for entertainment, so we decided to build a tent in the living room and watch a movie on the portable DVD player. Madison is the only one who REALLY watched the movie, the other two settled for finding any way to tear down the tent “accidentally”.

This last picture is Madison and Eli enjoying their lanterns they got for Christmas. We have routine “bear hunts”. Lillie, of course, is the bear. It’s all she can do to keep up with the other kids, but they have a blast. (And it is a great before bed time work out.)


Will the real Incredible Hulk please stand up January 6, 2009

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Eli and Madison both received Hulk gloves for Christmas (yes we do encourage our children to work out their issues between themselves) and while they have put them to good use, Lillie has decided that she would like to join in. The last couple of nights she has dug these out of Eli’s room (Madison keeps all her possessions under lock and key) and worn them around the house. You would think she would take full advantage and at least attempt to clobber her brother, however, she calmly walks around as if they were nothing more than a pair of mittens. Tonight she was so cute that I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.


Swimsuits in January January 4, 2009

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No lie, these pictures were taken today in our front yard. Madison took out her new four wheeler for its first real ride and with Eli’s help, gave it a good washing when she got home. I am watching the weather now and even though it reached 80 today, it is now wind chill of 26. Gotta love Oklahoma.