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First Day of School and Madison Rides the Bus August 23, 2008

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So, it is official, Eli has started Preschool!! He gets to go three days a week, and of the three days he has gone so far he only had to go to time out once (that we know of.) His teacher seems really nice and he acts like he really enjoys getting to be a big boy that goes to school. Yeah Eli!!

And yes, Madison is riding the bus.


DMB Dallas with the BFF August 18, 2008

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My best friend Erin called me this week and offered me the oppotunity to go see the Dave Matthews Band in Dallas. Since I have a wonderful husband, he agreed to watch the kids while I went and had a fun weekend with her, watching my favorite band play at an awesome venue. Luckily, I was able to catch a few shots from our seats and even a little video. In addition to getting to see DMB, which is always a treat, he had special guest Tim Reynolds who played the whole show with them. It was a cool bonus to an already incredible show.
Thank you Erin…I LOVE YOU


Pear Pickin’

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This week, while on a walk around the block, my mom happened to notice one of her neighbors had a pear tree that was overwhelmed with delicious fruit. After sampling a few pieces, she went to the door and asked if it would be alright to bring her grandchildren to pick a few pieces. The sweet lady, herself a grandmother, was in the middle of watching her two year old twin grandaughters and was more than happy to offer her tree as entertainment for our kiddos. So Saturday morning, we loaded up, and began our pear picking expidition.
As you can see we were all assigned jobs….
Grumpy was the main picker….
Madison was the gatherer…
Eli was the sorter….and Lillie was quality contol.
We had lots of fun!
PS If anyone needs some pears, we have plenty to spare.


Madison’s First Day of Kindergarten – Go Union??? August 15, 2008

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Today was Madisons first day of school at Union Moore Elementary. It is hard to celebrate the big U that Madison seems to spot everywhere, but we are learning. (For those of you that don’t know…Union is the rival school of the high school that I graduated from, and my parents before me.) She looked so cute and is already begging to go by herself to class and even ride the bus. I can’t believe that she is already an elementary school student!!! We are very lucky that she has a great teacher and we are very impressed with the school so far.

Yesterday we took a trip to the zoo to celebrate our last day of summer break. It was lots of fun to get to go as a family. Of course, we had to stop and take a monkey picture.


Pray for Chris

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Last Wednesday a friend of Dan’s was in a bad motorcycle accident with his girlfriend. His girlfriend was suprisingly okay, but Chris’ injuries were pretty severe. After a week in ICU, he is doing better but has a long way to go. Please pray for him and his family. If you are interested in helping, his family has asked that we donate blood at the Oklahoma Blood Institute at 81st and Yale in Tulsa. If 50 people donate under his name, all the blood that he has received will be free. His name is Chris Downs.