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Lovin’ Bath Time July 29, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Mandy Beam @ 2:42 am
So, I know that I keep saying that I will post pictures of the new house, but I just haven’t had time. We are really loving our new space though. One of personal favorites is my new, big bath tub, or as my children refer to it, “Daddy’s bath.” Not sure why they call it that, as Dan has never been in it, but I would suspect it is because of it’s large size. The nice thing is, all three kids can bathe at the same time!!


6 Responses to “Lovin’ Bath Time”

  1. Torres Family Says:

    Didn’t you just move to Wedgewood? Did you move again?

  2. Sarah Says:

    Awesome about the new house!! That bathtub is awesome!

  3. denise lopez Says:

    would you please get your kids out of the bath–it seems to me they have been in there for more than a week now! (o:

  4. The Hamiltons Says:

    Hi, Mandy!! I found your blog through my sister and would love to keep in touch a little better! Your kiddos are too cute – I’ve seen them on Ashley’s blog too! :O) Hope y’all are doing great. – Steph

  5. Brooks7100 Says:

    Love the bath picture. That is how bath time is done hear to. Just throw them all in :).

  6. Jeannette Says:

    We call ours the Party Tub! It’s a rarity now to bathe all the kids at once – just too messy!!

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