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Happy 1st Birthday Lillie!! June 21, 2008

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One year ago today, Lillie Grace came into this world and it has never been the same since. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already. She still seems like a baby to us but seeing these pictures are a good reminder of how little (sort of) she was. She is sweet little girl, who brings lots of smiles to our family.

Lillie, sweet baby, we love you….Happy Birthday!

Here are a few shots of her little birthday party today. She was a little sleepy so she wasn’t really wanting to take a lot of pictures. Her birthday cakes were really cute (and very tasty!) As you can see, she got her own personal cake to devour.

Lillie loves to push around cars, so this gift was a big hit…good job Aunt Hannah!!

We were wondering exactly how much of the cake Lillie would eat. Well, as you can see, she impressed us big time.

This is Lillie saying, “Mom, please stop me before I hurt myself.”


5 Responses to “Happy 1st Birthday Lillie!!”

  1. Bradley and Rachael Simons Says:

    Wow, its been a long time since we have talked to you guys! I’m here reading through your blog and i just can’t believe how old your kids have gotten! Not to mention how adorable they are! We miss you guys and hope all is well…Brad and Rachael

  2. hannah cooper Says:

    well, i was actually headed to the kitchen to have some of that yummy cake but mom just informed me she at the last of it.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Wow!! A year?! That is crazy! She is so beautiful!

  4. jeblusk Says:

    Can you believe that she is already 1. She looked like she had a good party and enjoyed the cake. 🙂

  5. the Pulleys Says:

    Cute cake Mandy! Did you make it or have it made? I can't believe she's already 1! Our big 1 yr. old is growing up fast as ever as well. Kennedy turned 1 in Feb. Great to hear how you are!Be blessed…Lindsey (Hobbs) Pulley & family

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