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Moez, Mud and Motorcycles June 15, 2008

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Now that Hannah is home, I have been slacking a little on my postings, so I am going to try to do a little catching up. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately,) there is not much to report. We are still very much enjoying Moez. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, it is nearly impossible to get all of them in a picture but I thought this one was really cute. We took him to the park on Friday to meet our friends, which was a little crazy, but all in all he is a very sweet dog. He definately is part of the family.
Usually our summer days are filled with hours at the pool, but with three kids and the yucky weather that we have had we haven’t spent tons of time swimming. While the rest of us have complained about the weather, Eli, our little weather man (he loves to tell us that is either raining or going to rain), has quiet enjoyed our muddy back yard with his furry friend Moez.

Here is the last picture of what used to be Dan’s motorcycle. No, he did not crash it, he sold it. He has already found a replacement but I won’t put up pictures until the deal is final. He is proud of his new find, so hopefully it won’t take long to post the new pictures. Good bye R6.


2 Responses to “Moez, Mud and Motorcycles”

  1. hannah cooper Says:

    you should put pictures up of the kids in their costumes.

  2. Dat Lam Says:

    nice bike but how are you going to fit everyone on there?

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