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Eli loves Grumpy February 27, 2008

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About once a week I am fortunate enough to get a chance to get to drop the kids off with my parents and get a few things done without the aide of my children. Lately, since Eli is a little bit of a handful, my dad has tried to help by finding creative things for the two of them to do. Last week the two of them loaded in the pickup and went off for a great salvage yard adventure.

Those of you who have been around Eli very much knows that he loves trucks. Grumpy said that he would walk right past the cars and head straight for the trucks. Eli “worked on” about 50 different trucks during this trip! Needless to say, Grumpy and Eli both took a good nap when they got home.


February 5, 2008

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This video was showed at our church (The Church at Battle Creek) on Sunday and it was really moving. Watching my friend Erin and her son makes me stand in awe at the lengths that parent’s will go to in order to help their children live the best life possible. Erin and James – you are awesome parents, and I admire you for the marathon of life that you run for Keith!


Keith Turns Four!!

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One of the sweetest little boys that I know is my best friend’s son, Keith. He just turned four at the end of January and had an awesome birthday party. When they were preparing for his party all he cared about was that he had balloons hanging from the ceiling…as you can see, they came through in a big way. Happy Birthday Keith, we love you!!