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Thanksgiving Day November 30, 2007

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This year we enjoyed Thanksgiving at my mom’s. We had 19 people all together and it was lots of fun and very yummy. In the morning all the little kids came to our house to play and decorate cookies and then we loaded up and went to Granny and Grumpy’s for lunch.
Here they are decorating their cookies…

Eli was not sold on the decorating. He really felt like they was no reason to do anything with a cookie or the decorations besides eat them. I did manage to get one picture though.

Here are all the kids eating their dinner…

And of course, the sleeping baby…


Thanksgiving at Arrowhead

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So I always hoped that I would be one of those super moms that manage to go to every school event but I’m not. Madison has so many fun things in her class but unfortunately I have not been able to really make it to any of them until their Thanksgiving Feast. They had a little meal and performed songs about turkeys and being thankful. As you can see, they got to dress as Indians and Pilgrims.
Madison and Hope…

The Whole Class…

Madison the Indian…

The Feast…



Fall Fun

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A couple of weeks ago we finally got motivated to clean up the yard. Little did we know what a huge chore this would be as we have a couple of large trees in our yard that have dropped a ton of leaves. However, we had lots of fun. Dan would blow all of the leaves into a pile and the kids would come right behind him and jump into the piles which were sometimes waiste high on them.

Sweet and innocent, right?

Madison loved jumping in the leaves and then picking them up and throwing them in the air and letting them land on her head. She actually was a great help getting the leaves into the trash bags. At one point I looked and her and she as she smiled real big at me I noticed her smile was brown….she had laughed so much while jumping in the leaves her mouth was full of dirt. I wish I had gotten a picture but instead I got her a big glass of water.

Eli was crazy (surprise, surprise). He was hard to get a good picture of but I thought this one was pretty cute. He loves to do anything outside, expecially if he can follow his dad around and pretend to do what he is doing. I’m pretty sure he is watching Dan with the blower here.

This was Lillie’s first day in the walker, which she loved. It was the perfect day outside and she could look around and watch the kids play. She sat in that spot on the patio for nearly an hour that day while we worked and played. What a great baby!!


Chickee Poof – Broken Arrow Costume Contest Winner November 7, 2007

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Well, I couldn’t help but brag….isn’t she so cute?? We had a lot of fun posing for the judges on Main Street. Lillie stole their hearts!