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Pumpkin Patch October 25, 2010

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Apparently my commitment to this blog (and indirectly, my sister) has been reduced to once a month.  I am thinking about a resolution to post once a week, but at this junction, such a conquest seems exhausting.  So, for now, I suppose I will do what I can do and hope that the future holds so much excitement that I would be forced to submerse myself in a world filled with wonderful pictures and lots of blog posts.  Until then….it’s once a month.

This weekend, in an effort to busy myself with something other than obsessing over the purchasing of what hopefully will soon be our new house and the endless amounts of work I should be doing for school, we decided to head out to the pumpkin patch in Bixby.  Those of you who know me best, probably can imagine my excitement when I found out that our children could not only pet the farm animals, but they could also feed them. From their bare hands. (Insert fake smile here).  While I love nature, I think feeding farm animals from my hands ranks shortly behind going to the fair (which, in my opinion, is the grossest place on the planet).  But, what can you do?  They had a blast, even though a storm rolled in shortly after we got there.  Here they are grossing me out feeding the animals.


Every once in a while I get a set of pictures that I really love, and this one is one of those sets of pictures.  I feel like they really capture Madison and her very intentional personality.  She carefully considers all her options, intentionally distances herself from distractions (primarily her siblings), and finally finds that perfect pumpkin.
























Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of the kids with their 60 lbs of whole pumpkin, nor did I take a picture of us gutting and carving those 60 lbs. of pumpkin.  I did, however, manage to take a picture of our finished product.  Hopefully the next front porch picture I take will be a of a new home.  More on that to come (hopefully in less than a month).


Is Summer Over Yet? September 25, 2010

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Normally I would be sad to see summer draw to a close, however, this summer seems like it will never end.  Labor Day we celebrated what we thought would be one last swim, so we made it a point to have lots of fun; little did we know then that we would have more than a couple high 90 degree days to follow.  So, while this wasn’t our last swim day, it was fun nonetheless.

If looks could kill…

A girl after my own heart.


And now, how it really is…. August 23, 2010

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Anyone who knows my family at all, knows that the previous picture is not a very accurate depiction of our family life.  So, for those of you who appreciate and love us for who we really are….

And in case there is any doubt about the content of this picture…yes, my dad is having Lillie pull his finger.


So long Aunt Hannah August 21, 2010

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Lillie will be three…someday May 22, 2010

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Ever since Hannah’s birthday in April we have been telling Lillie that she is the next one in our family to have a birthday.  So….everyday since then has been her birthday; in her mind anyway.  To make matters worse they celebrated summer birthdays the last week of school, perpetuating Lillie’s notion that her birthday is an ongoing celebration lasting April 21 (Hannah’s birthday) through June 21 (Lillie’s actual birthday).  But, it is really stinkin’ cute, so I had to post a picture of her in the birthday hat that her teachers gave her.  She slept in it the night that she got it. =)

And if you’re curious, that is her birthday treat for school.  I’m not a fan of icing, so I decided to make this Rice Krispie Treat cake.  It is store bought Rice Krispie’s stood up on their ends, taped together and formed into two “cake layers”.  I then wrapped the layers in pink tulle to add some color.  It is super easy and super cute (and lacked icing).

And just for good measure, here is our birthday celebration that we had in for Hannah (a.k.a. the beginning of Lillie’s birthday celebration season) even though she wasn’t home to celebrate with us.

Hannah’s cake (as you can see, Lillie does NOT share my disdain for icing):


T-ball and Easter April 10, 2010

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What can I say?  I have totally stunk at keeping up with my blog.  I have taken tons of pictures, but just haven’t been motivated to get them on here for various reasons.  My biggest distraction lately has been school.  This week was a crazy week, but marked the conclusion of a big part of my first semester in Nursing School.  I still have have three weeks left, but they should be relatively easy to survive.  YEAH!!

Easter was a little unusual for us.  We had planned to get up and do Easter Brunch and let the kids hunt eggs in their jammies before going to church at 1; but, unfortunately, Madison got sick Saturday night, so that put a damper on my photo opportunities on Sunday.  Luckily, she felt well enough to hunt eggs though, even if it was in her p.j.s.

This picture probably doesn’t look like anything to you, but it really made me laugh.  The kids spend a lot of their time at my parents house “racing” in the backyard.  So when we told Lillie to get ready to go hunt eggs, she had a hard time understanding getting ready for anything besides just racing.  (She is “on her mark”).  We had several false starts (Lillie leaving the line without her basket) before she finally caught on to what she was supposed to do.

And here are just a few in our Easter outfits.  I don’t have any great pictures, because I new that I likely will make them do pictures again when Madison can participate.

And…I don’t have much to say about T-ball besides here are a couple of pictures.  It is pretty entertaining – Eli is just happy to have an opportunity to play in the dirt.


Peace March 15, 2010

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Last week the kids had “Peace Day” at school, so they got to up in their best hippie attire.  So, of course, we HAD to tie dye t-shirts, and we HAD to give Lillie an afro (although I’m not sure that anyone noticed that it was different from any other day).

Me: “Hey Lillie, show me how old you are and say Peace.”



Tiger Sharks March 4, 2010

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Tonight was Madison’s swim team’s season banquet, and it was lots of fun.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful coach who not only loves to coach, but also loves to invest personally and spiritually into the lives of her little swimmers.  Tonight we celebrated the team’s first place finish in the all-city meet, which is a huge honor!!  Each player was awarded with ribbons and a special magnetic photo board.  Madison placed 4th out of about 60 girls, ages 7-8, in both the freestyle and butterfly….we, of course, are very proud!!

Madison also received very special recognition by her coach.  The league that our team is involved in limits who can swim within the league by age and skill. So, once  a swimmer reaches a certain skill level, they must move into another league.  At the beginning of the banquet tonight Coach Shelley said that she had four special awards to give out.  Two of those awards were given to swimmers who were no longer allowed to continue with the league, and two were new swimmers that were taking the place of the swimmers who were moving on.  Madison was one of those swimmers!!  Shelley chose her out of all the new swimmers because she has “far exceeded everyone’s expectations and has turned into an incredible competitor.”  She was so nervous to be called out in front of everyone, but it is so nice to know that Madison has found her niche.  Here she is while coach was bragging on her.


Finally…Some Sunshine February 27, 2010

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Today we were finally able to venture out without our coats, so naturally, I pushed for some time with my camera.  While the kids weren’t super excited about the constant “stand here and do this”, they were very grateful for the time outside.  Here are a few shots of our venture…

And one for Aunt Hannah…


Follow the journey of our Haiti team February 5, 2010

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I am so incredibly jealous of this group of awesome people from my church that are serving the poeple of Haiti.  They have an awesome leader, Chris, who has been good to update twitter often with their activity.  Anything that I might have to post doesn’t even compare…